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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

New painting

Well, I have finished the landscape I started on Sunday, it looks fairly good to me, but then I think other peoples eyes will see it differently. I only got to take a picture of it this morning and haven't sat down long enough to write my blog. 

This weekend we are aways on our holidays, down to Cornwall to visit family, and for me to take the chance to sit down and paint out doors, the cottage has some wonderful views over the moors and as its a working farm I may even get the chance to paint some of the animals. I have bought a new hard back watercolour pad and will use this to record my sketch's 
and paintings. I do hope to post while away, but it all depends on 
where I can go to access the net. I have been lucky as today my new camera arrived, Ed had me one with a more professional capabilities as I 
like to take photo's for my paintings, and as this one comes with macro's (means it can take up close images with out blurring out the image), I can't wait to use it when I go on holiday on Friday. I tried it out quickly and can't believe how good it is, and its so light as well. The camera has so many functions, and the best is that I can use it manually instead of a just point and shoot one.

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