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Friday, 27 March 2009

Art Class

Well, yesterday was Art Class day, and I went as I thought that my neck felt better. We had a full demonstration on painting a landscape, our tutor showed us a photograph of simple landscape scene and went through how to paint each part in turn, it really was a learning experience for me, as I want to improve my landscape painting skills. I was hoping to start work on the landscape I had drawn out but as my stubborn neck is playing up again I am flat out in bed again! How frustrating. I may try to do some drawing later, but it depends on how I feel,at least I can read my art books and magazines to give me some new ideas for when I am up and about again. I may do a few flower drawings later as I have bought a new book called Flowers In Watercolour by Trevor Waugh, its really good as it show you how to simplify the flower into basic shapes as a drawing and the when you add the colour you can build up the shape and body of it. I think at long last I can learn to paint flower, which is what I would love.

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