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Monday, 30 March 2009

A weekend of hard work ( well art)

This weekend we stayed home, and I decided to take the chance to do some more painting, and as you can see I have manged to complete one painting and make a good start on another one.  This first painting is taken from a card I had that was sent to us by a good neighbour Jackie, she is a wonderful artist and is always painting cards. I think all of her cards include cats, but this time I left the cat out as I thought it would leave a question in the viewers mind as to what she was looking at. The landscape is a work in progress, we had a tutor lead demonstration on a landscape and at the end we were left to start planning a composition for a landscape, this one is taken from a photo taken by my tutor which I borrowed to finish off. I have also enclosed a new picture of my new studio set up, as you can see, the is quite a lot of stuff on the desk, and I also have a cupboard which is full of other art materials and easels. I hope to finish my landscape later today. I am now going to have to start planning the art supplies that I will be taking with me on holiday, its quite a feat of organising as I need to be sure I have all I need and don't leave anything behind.

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kamourianking said...

You sure are improving. I feel like the only time I can get things done is on the weekends lol.
Your paintings looks great.