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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bank Holiday weekend

Wow, what a weekend, first I went back to Porchester castle with Dan and his friend, and I took the chance to paint a few little sketches, its a little windy but very mild. I also took a few photo's so I had a plenty of reference material. I was then taken out to a wonderful garden, 
it was very  called Ramster and the gardens took my breath away. Instead of being formal and stuffy this was a garden that was fun to explore, and the plants were breath taking. It did rain, but what is bank holiday weekend with out a bit of rain. I did manage to take loads of flower photo's and after a lot searching and a lot of searching we fond a great place to paint a small snap shot of the gardens. I wanted to capture the blue bells and shrubs that were there and this is what I did, I hope that you like this small painting, and will leave a comment on this.

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